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Organized Doesnít Mean Perfect...

In some cases, you may truly want to be more organized, but because of a medical condition, family obligation or other personal issue, you arenít able to do it by yourself. For others who have a demanding job (or two) or a high pressure career, in many cases, you may be highly focused, extremely productive and innovative in your respective field, but problems come when your boss or a family member doesnít approve of your messy desk, the unfinished piles of work, or cluttered living area.

That was my own personal experience as well. Before I started Sort Things Out, I had a full time job in New York and when the ďbig bossĒ from London would come to town, he would do a white glove inspection on each desk, after working hours. For real. During the work day, I had open binders, folders, post-it notes, faxes, phone messages, notepads and reports all spread out all over my desk and even on the floor sometimes. But, before we left for the day, we made sure to stash all of our stuff into drawers and locked them up, so we wouldnít get in trouble. At home, I was a mess too... I was a new mom, living through home remodeling, 3 moves in 3 years, family illnesses, and piles of dishes, mounds of laundry, unopened mail, bills unpaid, gifts that were never given, dust and paper, paper, paper everywhere, but no time or place to stash! So, Iíve lived through what youíre going through now and I completely understand what it feels like to be totally overwhelmed!

Little by little, however, I found ways to slowly work my way out of the clutter and time management trap, into a more organized, peaceful life. Iíve discovered that itís actually an on-going process that Iím still working on every day; there are many days when Iím so busy helping others get organized, that my home is not perfect!

So... letís take it day-by-day and know that Iíll be right alongside with you in trying to conquer the clutter together.

Iíd love to share with you what Iíve learned over time and see if it can help you too. Maybe, youíll even have a hint or two that I can learn from as well!
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