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Saving Children's Artwork:
Here are some ideas that Ive used:
Email me with your ideas!)

1. Set up a small hanging file folder area in the kitchen, with 12 hanging folders: labeled January - December. File completed assignments, artwork etc. in each month. Purge regularly (if possible!)

2. Save best artwork and put into scrapbook album, ask child to explain the picture, write a caption on the scrapbook page.

3. Send artwork to grandparents & relatives as part of Thank You notes for gifts received.

4. Have the kids glue their artwork on the outside of cardboard boxes, use decorated boxes for storage: toys, out of season clothes, etc.

5. For more great ideas, see link for related artice on the Fisher-Price website:

Note from Eva: Some days in my house, youd never know that I help organize others for a living, with all the kids assignments, homework and drawings spread all over the dining room table, but its a work in progress and it will eventually get put away (as I try to re-assure my husband!). I can definitely relate if youre struggling with this situation!