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Thank you for your Testimonials!

    Home Office
    Eva gave me the big-picture organization I needed to create viable workspace in my office. I'd been struggling with it for eight years, and it took her a half-hour to solve the problems. I can't believe how much her organization helped my productivity!
                           D.T., Consultant

    Support Group
    I have attended Sort-Things-Out gatherings several times and I am beginning to see a difference. You know you have a clutter problem when something like this happens... I opened the washer and when I removed my laundry found that two of my blouses, both designer and very expensive had been shredded (I used gentle cycle but did not put them in a lingerie bag). Instead of being upset over the loss of an Italian wool sweater $150 and a silk chemise another $90, I was thrilled to have slightly less clutter, less to try and stuff in drawers and an excuse to throw two items out!
                           Nancy R.

    At Work
    I'm at work today and I have been, as we like to say in the office, "purging" my office. I have trashed a lot of knick-knacks that mean nothing to me. I also trashed boxes and boxes of tea. Geez, what is my problem with purchasing every flavor of tea known to man? I even trashed this little magnet - it is a doll with the hair standing on the ends and it says, "Not a happy camper." I thought, this is bringing in negative thoughts. Dropped into the trash can it went. WooHoo!! My office looks great!! Thank you Eva!!
                         Big Hugs and Blessings,
                         Betty Lynch, Author
                         "Back to the Table with My Country Kitchen"                 

    Workshop Attendee
    Hello Eva! Great business! I'm so glad you started the meetings! Like I said, I need someone to "tell" me to get organized. I guess I'm an adult who needs "assignments"! Anyway, "commando style", we planned, purged, piled & LABELED! I can't wait to start my next assignment! Thanks for the suggestion and support!
                         Jen Wilner,

    Senior Move
    Ms. Abreu recently took charge of the care, move and maintenance of an 88-year-old woman who is a mutual friend.  All of this was done with great empathy for the feelings and concerns of the friend. In my opinion, she has a natural aptitude for dealing with the problems faced by seniors who wish to move.
                           C.W., New Jersey